The uderDOG project

“The underDOG project” was a training course in which we took part. Project took place in Ełk in Poland between 20th and 27th of May 2016.

Participants from Poland, Romania, Slovenia, Italy, Bulgaria and Macedonia were able to meet with each other, work and share their experience thanks to Erasmus + Programme. The main organizer was Foundation “Human LEX Instytut”, which works with children and youth with fewer opportunities, using street base work methodology.

The main aim of training course was to equip participants in new and innovative ways of working with socially excluded young people. During the project participants gained a lot of new skills and knowledge, but also learnt the ins and outs of working with dogs – using dogotherapy. Participants had an opportunity to work with dogs, children and youth with fewer opportunities, they met with experts – kynotherapists and took part in study visits in Republika Sciborska and animal shelter.

Project was implemeted in English, based on tools of non-formal education. “The underDOG project” was a huge chance to become more experienced and aware of new knowledge and skills which can help youngsters in our areas. Training course was also a great opportunity to meet with people from whole Europe and made new contacts.