Alternanza in EUROTRIP

Dieci ragazzi dell’Istituto Firpo di Genova, un nostro group leader e un loro professore sono andati in Polonia per incontrare altri giovani europei e sviluppare al meglio le loro competenze trasversali.
Con noi l’alternanza scuola lavoro è conoscenza di sè e di nuove culture, apprendimento, imparare facendo, problem solving, apprendimento dell’inglese, mediazione culturale, amicizia, fratellanza, ascolto, dialogo e molto molto altro.
Tutto grazie ad Erasmus+

From 16th to 23rd of October 2017, 12 representatives of Y.E.A.S.T. Youth Europe Around Sustainability Tables took part in the youth exchange “Eurotrip” supported by Erasmus + Programme and organized by Fundacja Aktywni w Europie (Sosnowiec, Poland).
The youth exchange took place in Poronin (Poland), beautiful, small village next to Zakopane. 30 young people and 6 leaders from Bulgaria, Poland and Italy met together to collaborate, work in international team, gain new knowledge, make new friends and what is the most important – to carry out the schedule of Eurotrip.
The project was a combination of passion of traveling and European topics (European Union, its history, mechanisms, European institutions and how they work).
Theaim of the project was to gain new knowledge and skills related with main topic – European Union, its history, mechanisms of functioning and European institutions and to become a citizen and European who is aware of European reality. As a young people, whose passion is traveling, we have decided to expand our European topics and to gain also a knowledge about places, related with the EU and their material culture.
The exchange program was very tight – we have organized a lot of activities,thematic workshops related to the main topics. We participated in a meeting in the Siemacha Association and we took part in city games in Zakopane and in Krakow.
During the 8 days of our youth exchange, we learned a lot about our cultures and local cultur. We expanded our knowledge related to European topics and made new friends. For some of us it was first experience of working in international group.
We think we achieved all of our aims. Project Eurotrip was a great experience for all of us and unforgettable adventure.