European Tales

“European Tales” is the title of the project, implemented from 4 th to 10 th of January 2019 by Fundacja Aktywni w Europie from Sosnowiec (Poland) and financed by the Erasmus + Programme.

The project was a common initiative of young people from Poland (representatives of Fundacja Aktywni w Europie), Bulgaria (representatives of informal group Young Europeans for Peace from Vidin) and Italy (representatives of Y.E.A.S.T. Youth Europe Around Sustainability Tables from Genoa).

The project was attended by 36 people – 12 people from Poland, Bulgaria, and Italy (2 leaders and 10 participants aged 15-19 from each country). Main activities took place in Poronin (Poland).

The main topic of the “European Tales” was cultural heritage, and the project was related to the European Year of Cultural Heritage, celebrated in 2018.

The aim of the project was to gain knowledge about the material and immaterial cultural heritage of our countries, as well as establishing an intercultural dialogue, becoming more identical with our cultures, open-minded and tolerant young men.

The main theme of the youth exchange were fairy tales from Bulgaria, Italy, and Poland, which are very important elements of cultural heritage and are sources of many positive messages and values.

Within the project, participants created their own fairy tales, based on the cultural heritage of our countries.

The project was implemented in English, using non-formal education methods, such as thematic sessions, storytelling, discussions, city game, integration games, national evenings, meetings with the local community, evaluations;

During the regional evening, participants could taste famous dishes from Podhale, get familiar with local folklore, as well as participate in traditional sleigh ride.

National evenings, organized by the participants of the project, gave an opportunity to get familiar with the traditions, cultures of our countries and dishes typical for our cuisines, prepared by them personally.

Within the project, participants took part in city game in Zakopane, thanks to which they gain new knowledge about the cultural heritage of Podhale and Zakopane.

Together with youngsters from local school, they organized a meeting, during which they presented the project, fairy tales created during the youth exchange, using theater methods and discussed cultural heritage.

The international meeting was an opportunity to gain new knowledge, new skills, learn about our and foreign cultures, local culture and make new friends.


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